10 Marketing Automation Trends For 2022

What is one marketing automation trend marketers should note for 2022?

To help marketers identify the best marketing automation trends, we asked marketing professionals and business leaders this question for their best insights. From highly integrated systems to virtual reality, there are several marketing automation trends that may help you increase efficiency in 2022. 

Here are ten marketing automation trends for 2022:

  • Highly Integrated Marketing Systems
  • Visual Rendering
  • Robust Automated Email Series
  • Creating Customer Journeys 
  • Finding New Customers
  • Machine-learning and AI for Personalized Content
  • Chatbots
  • Copywriting AI Tools
  • Mobile-first Automation
  • Virtual Reality

Highly Integrated Marketing Systems

If you’re not using an ‘all-in-one’ marketing platform, even with marketing automation, you’ve likely noticed there are still manual steps between prospects first engaging online and closing the sale. In 2022, look for more integrations between first interaction tools like Google Ads, Website Identifier tools, and Live Chat / Chatbots, and social media. Vendors are making it easier than ever to connect all of your marketing and business tools with APIs and integration marketplaces so that there are no manual steps left between tools and data can flow from the start of your customer’s buying cycle, through the validation phases, right to the end tracked in a CRM.

Colton De Vos, Resolute Technology Solutions

Visual Rendering

A big trend in marketing in 2022 involves Visual Rendering. A big obstacle to online shopping has been consumers’ inability to try on clothes to see how they fit before purchasing. However, stores like the GAP have overcome that obstacle. VR has other advantages too. For instance, thanks to visual rendering, consumers can see all aspects of a piece of furniture before purchasing even to look under the wheels of a swivel chair. Visual Rendering is changing the state of marketing. Due to COVID concerns that still keep shoppers in their homes, consumers will have an easier time shopping online in 2022.

Janice Wald, Mostly Blogging

Robust Automated Email Series

One automation trend marketers should note for 2022 is a robust automated email series, which helps companies engage with customers after they’ve made a purchase. Emails that include order confirmations, shipping and delivery notices, asking customers for feedback/reviews, or simply how to get in touch if they need help or have any questions. There are many ways to incorporate an element of automated personalization such as referring to the customer by name, addressing the products they purchased and linking to a tutorial (if applicable) with the product customer purchased in use, etc.  Implementing these small processes in your process is extremely important in fostering an ongoing relationship with your customers.

Sara Shah, Journ

Creating Customer Journeys

The new trend is using marketing automation to create customer journeys for users with similar digital profiles shaped by different behaviors and preferences. Once you have this setup, you can send your customers on personalized journeys that fit their needs and streamline the path to conversion.

Claire Westbrook, LSAT Prep Hero

Finding New Customers

Marketing automation that is able to identify new customers is one of the most beneficial ways to use automation in 2022. Especially with the continued growth of social media and artificial intelligence, the ability to connect the dots and automatically search for and advertise to prospective customers will continue to grow in the coming years.

Karina Karassev, Stori

Machine-learning and AI for Personalized Content

Using machine learning and AI, you can start delivering personalized content to customers based on their past behaviors and apparent interests. The rising desire for personalization in marketing is something that can be difficult to do without some kind of marketing automation, so in 2022 it’s a good idea to start investing in it. You can use marketing automation to gather data on your customers’ prior purchase history, estimated interests based on shopping behaviors, and social listening to compile personalized content that will help increase your conversion rate and loyalty with your customers. Then you can deliver highly relevant content that is personalized based on that data at the exact right time to hopefully make more sales.

Rachel Roff, Urban Skin Rx


If you haven’t started using chatbots yet then this will be a top marketing trend in 2022. With the help of chatbots, companies can interact more with their customers without lifting a finger. It helps in increasing engagement with the brand. Chatbots will play an integral role in 2022 as it saves a lot of time for your customers because they don’t have to go somewhere else to find the answer to their questions and it will build a better relationship with them.

Sanket Shah, InVideo

Copywriting AI Tools

Copywriting AI tools are especially helpful when you are at a loss of words and experiencing writer’s block. However, it has one caveat: make sure you have a solid messaging and strategy first. An AI copywriter will not be able to tell if the copy you’re writing is suitable to where your target reader is at in his/her customer journey.

Francine Kaye Acelar, Formicidae, LLC

Mobile-first Automation

One marketing automation trend marketers should note for 2022 is mobile-first automation, especially for eCommerce businesses. People consume their content and source their purchase activity on mobile devices now more than ever. As a result, marketers should be focusing on aspects to drive engagement on a mobile platform such as push notifications and accelerated mobile pages. Mobile marketing can be hyper-personalized to your audience and help expand your customer base and improve data insights.  In 2022 focus on your mobile webpage and mobile app development to transformation efforts on delivering a user experience that works as well on mobile devices.

Jeffrey Pitrak, Transient Specialists

Virtual Reality

In 2022 we may see more virtual reality methods of marketing. For instance, people could give virtual site tours that apply to their businesses and virtual marketing presentations as well. As this is a newer trend that currently has a lot of buzz around it, developers might learn how to automate these initiatives more quickly throughout the coming year.

Schuyler Hoversten, Swoopt

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