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American Marketing Association, Phoenix Chapter, is the leading educational, networking and career-building resource for marketing, advertising and public relations professionals in Phoenix, the fifth-largest city in the United States.

Established more than 50 years ago, AMA Phoenix is the only professional marketing association in Arizona that covers all disciplines in the marketing spectrum.

AMA Phoenix hosts a variety of monthly, quarterly and yearly programs, events, workshops and discussions that introduce the latest industry trends and developments, along with valuable networking events that bring together the best marketing minds in the region.

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  • 8 Things That Should Be in a Social Media Scope Of Work

    What is one thing that should be included in a social media scope of work, when retaining someone to manage social media for your company?   To help you frame your social media scope of work, we asked CEOs and social media managers this question for their best insights. From brand or sales-oriented content to SEO

    April 28, 2022
  • How To Improve an Employer Brand

    What is one easy way to immediately improve an employer brand? To help you improve your employer brand, we asked HR leaders and small business owners this question for their best insights. From sharing your social values to increasing workplace flexibility, there are several tips that may help you enhance your employer brand.   Here

    April 14, 2022
  • 14 Best Product Placements In Movies That Live On

    What is one of the most epic product placements that have appeared in a movie? To help you gain ideas for product placements, we asked marketing experts and CEOs what their favorite movie product placements are. From White Castle in “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” to AOL in “You’ve Got Mail”, there are

    March 29, 2022
  • How To Generate Leads For Local Businesses

    What is one tip for a local business to generate more leads? To help local businesses generate leads, we asked business owners and marketing professionals this question for their best advice. From providing expert insights online to implementing Google My Business, there are several tips that may help you generate more local leads and increase

    March 15, 2022
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