9 Secure Apps For Personal & Business Communication

What is one secure app that enables personal and business communication to take place?

To help professionals securely communicate personal and business matters via applications, we asked business consultants and data protection enthusiasts this question for their best recommendations. From sending faxes via app to gathering with Google meet, there are several secure applications that may help you communicate your personal or business affairs.  

Here are nine secure apps for personal and business communication:

  • Send Faxes Via App
  • Get Security Training
  • Share and Gain Verified Insights 
  • Gather With Google Meet
  • Enable Specific Access
  • Document Conversations with MyRepChat
  • Chat With Security on Wickr
  • Integrate Your Tech Stack
  • Get Out-of-Office Calls Handled with Care

Send Faxes Via App 

For anyone looking to improve their personal or business communication processes, I would recommend the iFax app. I have experienced the frustration firsthand when companies request faxed documentation and you don’t have access to a fax machine. With the iFax app, every document you need to send or receive can be done securely online without the need for a physical fax machine. It makes document processing easier, cheaper and significantly more environmentally friendly!

Adam Korbl, iFax

Get Security Training 

I recommend integrating Curricula, a security awareness training software, with your employee directory and learning management systems. This helps to ensure that everybody on your staff is equipped with the knowledge and tech to keep all personal and business communication channels safe and secure. We do this by making sure everyone can recognize phishing scams so secure information isn’t compromised to best protect all your sensitive information for business and personal use. Knowledge is the first step to keep communications secure. 

Nick Santora, Curricula

Share and Gain Verified Insights 

Terkel is a knowledge platform that creates community-driven content featuring expert insights. Terkel has a ‘verify email’ option that makes it secure enough to avoid spam or unwanted bot interference. In addition, Terkel has its server and database on Azure Cloud which encrypts all user-specific data with zero access to anyone else. Terkel also uses Automated Answer selection and content intelligence features that are backed up by machine learning and deep learning algorithms to select an answer. While people already on Terkel can answer a question on the app, they can also invite/refer someone who they think might be a great fit to answer a question. With all the cutting-edge technologies included and the ease of use, this app is very user-friendly!

Sri Sagar Kalisetty, Terkel

Gather With Google Meet

Google Meet is accessible to anyone, whether for work or personal purposes. While people who do not have a Google account can use Google Meet, they must be invited by someone who does have a Google account. Google Meet is supported by Google Cloud and it encrypts all data. Users can also choose to use a 2-step verification option as well as an Advanced Protection Program.

Amber Theurer, ivee

Enable Specific Access 

With Monday.com, you can share work documents or personal documents through a secure process. This app also provides you with the ability to create groups. When setting up groups, you can designate access to specific individuals that can see any comments or attached documents. To make it even more secure, Monday.com has the ability to enable single-sign-on access.

Annette Harris, Harris Financial Coaching

Document Conversations with MyRepChat

As a financial advisor, I can not text clients through a normal cell phone. All conversations must have the ability to be archived and accessed by compliance. Therefore, I use an app called MyRepChat, so that my clients can text me and it logs our conversations within the CRM system. Email is another option, I use the Mail app and have used the Gmail app and Outlook app as well. Within email you can send documents securely by encrypting them if need be.

Alison Stine, Stine Wealth Management

Chat With Security on Wickr

In the era where data protection has come to the forefront, privacy and data protection seem to matter more than ever before. I wholeheartedly recommend Wickr. For starters, all the messages, memos, and voice recordings are fully encrypted. There is a whole suite of useful collaboration features such as screen sharing, location, and online statuses. Perhaps best of all, Wickr does not require an email address or phone number upon registration which has obvious benefits. The application uses PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) as well as Two-Factor Authentication. Overall, a very solid choice for both security, as well as a plethora of convenient modules to choose from.

Bart Turczynski, ResumeLab

Integrate Your Tech Stack 

Slack is highly personalizable, intuitive and fun to use. It consists of a set of chat channels much in the way of older messenger software. It can integrate other apps such as Google Calendar, Zoom, Jira Cloud, Google Drive or One Poll, making it highly reliable in complex and integrated systems requiring many tools for professional use. Messaging on Slack is secure, and only a lawsuit or investigation could grant external authorities access to your messages.

Daniel Torres, Zety

Get Out-of-Office Calls Handled with Care 

AnswerConnect is a virtual assistance tool that enables professionals to safely and effectively communicate with work and personal life. They answer all your business calls when out of the office, and personal calls to take messages when at work. It is confidential without tampering, and all information is stored securely. I would look there first for secure and effective communication apps.

Eric Gist, Awesome OS

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