Marketing Resources to Help You During the Pandemic

We hope you are safe and healthy during this time.

The immediate future is still uncertain, but marketing professionals need to anticipate how the marketplace will function as well as the skills we need to be successful in the post-pandemic era. Our team has identified this latest roundup of resources we think will help you.

Check it out below:

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Get Updates on the Effects of COVID-19 on Ecommerce

What impact is COVID-19 having on ecommerce?  Within, a performance branding company, is tracking the year-over-year effects of COVID-19 on ecommerce revenue, ad spend, and conversion rate relative to the pre-COVID benchmark period.

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Learn How COVID-19 is Affecting Big Tech Revenue

In a recent episode of Marketplace Tech, hosted by Molly Wood, they noted: Digital ads disappear, denting Big Tech revenue. The ad industry usually grows along with U.S. GDP, with digital segment outperforming, but with the economy tanking during the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital ad industry’s initial 2020 growth estimate of 12% dwindles to 4%. How does it compare with estimates of other media?

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Discover the Best Apps and Programs for Remote Teams

Are you still adjusting to working remotely?  You may need to change the ways you communicate and collaborate to be effective as a dispersed team. The team at Galvanize has compiled their recommendations for seven of the best apps and programs to help teams communicate and work efficiently while working remotely.

Get Predictions on What Will Happen Post-Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to have a lasting effect on the consumer marketplace. People may continue to limit their face to face interaction and shift to more real-time online communication. This change could apply to professional expertise as well as purchases. Get more detail on the big shift from Marketing News.