10 Virtual Networking Tips in Phoenix

Social distancing makes it tough to meet new people. Without face-to-face interaction, it can be hard to determine the best way to get your name out there. If you’re trying to decide what Zoom Meetups are actually worth it, or what greeting to send out via LinkedIn, it may be time to take the advice of these experts. 

Below, 10 thought leaders give you their best professional networking tips given the current state of affairs, so you can stop wondering and start acting.

Host a Virtual Career Event

Hosting a virtual career event can be a great way to connect people in Phoenix with employers who are hiring. Volunteering at, or simply attending virtual events can introduce you to local employers and local knowledge. Plus, the virtual coaching assistance made available during these virtual career events can really help support our fellow peers who are experiencing layoffs – both on the candidate and employer side of things. Just be sure to sign up for these virtual events ahead of time, as they often have limited space and capacity.

Denise Gredler, Best Companies in Arizona

Schedule a Virtual Coffee Date

I was introduced a while back to the idea of a virtual coffee, and given the current environment, they are even more relevant. I’d connect with the person via LinkedIn or other professional groups and schedule a 15-minute online meeting. During the call, we’d share what our respective businesses do, and discuss what types of referral/introductions we are looking to make. I’d do these both with business prospects, as well as potential referral partners. I believe that if you give first, others will reciprocate.

Nicole Spracale, vCandidates

Utilize Your Tech Tools

I have been working from home way before it was socially acceptable and have found that communication via phone, email, and social media is paramount to one’s success. Yes, getting out and meeting face-to-face is important, but we have so many tools available today. We just have to use them with the understanding we are building relationships.

Lorraine E. Bossé-Smith, Concept One, Inc.

Take to Social Media

Social distancing can be mitigated through social media. The world was already heavily trending toward digital relationships. The key is understanding the medium and how to properly communicate with your audience on the given platform. Facebook is more day-to-day, Twitter is more moment-to-moment opinions and snippets, LinkedIn is more professional interactions… you get the point.

Nick Herrera, Marketing 360

Make Video Calls the New Norm

Human connection is alive and well, even with social distancing. People still have pressing business needs and are seeking solutions, even more urgently than usual, given the uncertainty and lack of clarity for business and the economy at large. People are more likely to want to see a face with a name, hence Zoom calls are just the new medium for networking.

Yuri Kruman, HR, Talent & Systems

Have Fun With It

Networking must be fun or it will not happen! While it may take courage to put yourself out there, there are a lot of different groups catered toward helping you fit in quickly, so that you can develop leads, build your network and increase business. Remember to stay connected and follow-up with the contacts that you make. This builds trust and familiarity. Keep all communication light and positive.

Dr. Levi Nelson DC, Begin Within Family Wellness

Join a Virtual Meetup

Join Zoom Meetups. Now more than ever, people want to be social while maintaining a safe distance. Zoom Meetups are sprouting up everywhere and seem to be the new thing. We’re hosting our first virtual meetup through Zoom in April, and are expecting 50+ attendees. It should be a good way to meet new people in a new way.

Brett Farmiloe, Digital Marketing Company

Donate Your Time

Currently, Qwick is matching up food servers and support staff from the hospitality industry for on-demand staffing at hospitals for food services, servers, dishwashers, and general labor. In this urgent time of medical staffing, signing up for a flexible shift can be a good way to maintain support for healthcare facilities in Arizona while meeting new people through work.

Kay Transtrum, Qwick

Don’t Forget About Happy Hour 

Now more than ever we should be leaning into social media. They are called social media networks for a reason. We are all going to be spending even more time online in the coming months, so let these networks help you facilitate more opportunities. Join a community group on Facebook, connect with people in your industry on LinkedIn, start a digital happy hour video call with a group. You never know what kind of professional relationship could bud in the future.

Brooke Dillard, Vision Hospitality Group, Inc.

Stay Confident

Just put yourself out there! Join a virtual happy hour on Zoom, insert yourself into a conversation happening online, enroll in an online training program, or even be active in your local church group. Be willing to talk to people online to create offline opportunities! 

Vanessa Molica, The Lash Professional