Meredith Dennis

Meredith Dennis is a talented marketing strategist with nearly 20 years experience growing B2B organizations in regulated sectors like education, healthcare, financial services, and nonprofit. In addition to her Marketing and Journalism degrees, she holds industry leading certifications from the American Marketing Association, Digital Marketing Institute, and Product Marketing Alliance. Meredith has worked with prominent brands including Allstate, Citi, Capital One, Geico, Pfizer, and Abbvie as well as national nonprofits like the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.

After contributing at an enterprise level for many years, she found an ideal fit in serving startups and SMBs on their launch and expansion journeys. She’s become known as a growth multiplier, setting and executing go-to-market strategies that drive upwards of 200% YoY growth for some companies, by keeping people at the center of her work and leaning into projects with a voracious curiosity.

Meredith is the Founder and CEO of Compression Marketing and serves as a Fractional Marketing Executive, public speaker, and business coach. You’ll find her enjoying the Valley of the Sun with her husband and three dogs, sitting on a patio with great food, or tackling a hiking adventure.

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