Brittany Kearney

Throughout her marketing career, Brittany Kearney has managed corporate relationships and marketing campaigns across multiple industries, including hospitality, entertainment, retail, government and nonprofits. She is honored to have worked with organizations such as the Walt Disney Company, Best Western, Make-A-Wish, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Claire’s and the Arizona State Fair.

In her current role as Marketing Project Manager for the Arizona Game and Fish Department, she enjoys the challenge of jumping from the creative side of marketing to the analytical side while swiftly adapting to changing priorities. Brittany looks forward to applying these skills to benefit the Valley’s marketing community and AMA Phoenix as its Marketing Chair.

Brittany has a B.S. in Marketing from the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. She lives in north Phoenix with her husband and their dog.

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