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Updates to Google Ads: What to Expect

23-08-18 Zander Buel 0 comment

Digital advertising is projected to be a $332 billion industry by 2021. And while Google is the dominating player, it faces tough competition from Amazon and Facebook.

Naturally, it wants to protect its position at the top, and it’s changing its advertising platforms to become easier to use, as well as more powerful and more beneficial for the marketers using them.

Shailesh Ghimire, VP of client strategy at New Wine Digital, broke down the new changes to Google’s platforms last week and what they mean for the digital marketing industry.

Changing AdWords to Google Ads

Think it’s just a name change? Think again. It’s home to a bunch of features:

  • Search
  • Display ads
  • YouTube
  • App ads in Google Play
  • Google Maps
  • New Smart Campaigns
  • Machine learning to optimize images, text and targeting to drive more of these actions

Google Marketing Platform

Like Google Ads, the Google Marketing Platform is the consolidation of various products:

  • Search Ads 360: Search engine management
  • Attribution 360: Full funnel measurement
  • Tag manager 360: Easy tag management
  • Optimize 360: Site and app testing
  • Surveys 360: Digital panels
  • Data studio: Data visualization
  • Analytics 360: Site and app analytics
  • Display and Video 360: Plan, create, buy and measure ads

google mobile
What It Means for You

Or WIMFY, as Ghimire put it.

YouTube Leads

With Google Ads, you can get leads directly from YouTube audiences. People who like what they see in an ad can simply click and fill out a form with their contact information, which then gets sent directly to the marketer.

This is a direct response to the Facebook lead ads. What makes Facebook lead ads so great is that you don’t have to leave Facebook to give it your information. If you like something, you just click on the ad. A screen pops up and asks if you’d like your contact information (whatever you’ve given Facebook) to the advertiser. Just say yes, and you’re done. There’s custom design landing page with a CTA.

Responsive Search Ads

Keeping track of which ads are performing the best can be hard if you have a lots of ads going on. Responsive Search Ads makes this easier. It takes up to 15 headlines and up to 4 descriptions to find the best variations of the ads that will produce the best ROI. It also takes out a lot of guesswork.

Mobile Speed Score

Google rolled out a column in Google Adwords that gives you the mobile speed score of your landing pages and website. They’re testing your mobile speed and website on a 3G connection,  which is much slower than 4G or higher, so be careful of how you interpret the numbers.

50% of users will move on from a potential purchase if the landing page is slow to load.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is useful for clients that have a database of products they want to push through Google Ads. They give you an excel document template that lets you put in all the information about those products, which is then connected with your Google Ads account.

When you do a search on Google Ads for these types of products, the shopping feed comes in at the top.

Google Shopping also compares your prices to the prices of your competitors for the same products, enabling consumers to make smarter purchasing decisions.

How Do We Leverage These Products to Measure the ROI of Our Marketing?

The short answer is: experiment. Enhance the copy. Make a unique offer. Reassess your landing page and your brand.

Test it over and over and eventually arrive at the formula that works for you.

Define the conversion event. How are you measuring the conversion event? Does the conversion event match the channel? Does the conversion event match the message? Make sure all of your different marketing channels are aligned, from traditional, to organic, to paid.Want more digital marketing tips and tricks? Register for our upcoming event: Professional Development Session: The Bots Are Coming! Integrating Conversational Commerce & Marketing Automation on September 13th.

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