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Frankie Johnson Named AMA Phoenix Star Member for May 2019

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Frankie Johnson

Frankie Johnson was named Star Member of American Marketing Association, Phoenix Chapter, for May 2019.

Johnson is currently Principal of Research Arts, Inc. which she founded in 1984 and has been a part of that corporation since. She has also held senior positions at Sears and Quaker.

She has various marketing experience and degrees to her name. Johnson graduated from the University of Chicago with a marketing degree along with a degree in Applied Micro-Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Research Arts, Inc., the company that Johnson started, is a firm committed to classic as well as innovative qualitative market research. They have conducted thousands of studies over a wide variety of industries. The firm was among the first to use online methods for market research.

Connect with Frankie Johnson on LinkedIn here

The AMA Phoenix Star Member of the Month Program was created to promote and retain AMA Phoenix membership, encourage upcoming leaders and recognize high-performing active members who give back to AMA Phoenix. Executive leaders of the AMA Phoenix board of directors nominate candidates as Star Members.


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