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Why Should You Join AMA Phoenix?

Find out real-world reasons to join from current members

Thrive in a world of rapid change and technological disruption

Jessica Nyandamu

“As the fifth-largest city in the United States, Phoenix is a hub for marketing innovation, and AMA Phoenix is at the center of it. It is crucial for Phoenix marketers to be a part of AMA Phoenix for a variety of reasons—one being the immediate access to tools and resources that AMA has in the Valley as well as nationwide. We live in an environment of rapid change and technology disruptions. To thrive in our digital climates, we must have avenues to marketing intelligence and a trusted network of individuals in our field. I truly encourage marketers to be members of AMA Phoenix to become equipped with the industry knowledge and expertise to become better, smarter marketers.”

— Jessica Nyandamu, AMA Phoenix member since 2018 and digital marketing analyst at MSS Business Transformation, Phoenix, Ariz.


Join the marketing community of Metro Phoenix and build valuable connections

matt kalina AMA Phoenix VP of Membership

Matt Kalina

“Take a big step to become more engaged in the professional marketing community the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area by joining AMA Phoenix. It’s an effective way to get connected to the people that make things happen in our increasingly interconnected world of marketing, advertising, digital and public relations. Joining AMA Phoenix is an important way you can develop valuable, enlightening and long-lasting connections, relationships and friendships.”

— Matt Kalina, AMA Phoenix member since 2005 and founder of RadPrime Marketing, Scottsdale, Ariz.


Find a marketing mentor and learn innovative marketing strategy and tactics

Tom Venafro

Why did you join AMA Phoenix?

“To connect with other marketers, learn new things, and find mentorship in the industry.”

Why is it important for a marketing professional to join an association like AMA Phoenix?

“They have to keep up with the marketing trends as well as continually build their network.”

What is the most important thing you get out of being an AMA PHX member?

I learned a few new things and got great mentorship and advice and made connections that I can rely on. Being recognized for your work is nice too. I enjoyed being a finalist for a Spectrum Award, because I am not from a marketing-oriented company and much of what I do goes unnoticed or is downplayed at times.”

— Tom Venafro, AMA Phoenix member since 2018 and director of marketing, National Chimney, Phoenix, Ariz.