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Thomas Ahern

Manager of Member Recruitment

Volunteer | Membership Team

Thomas Ahern is Chief Marketing Officer for Embark Behavior Health, Tempe, Ariz. He is responsible for the growth, brand inspiration and strategic initiatives of a premier network of therapeutic treatment centers, including new business and strategic partnerships, advancing the company mission, digital marketing and analytics, sales optimization, customer experience, presentations, lectures and advocacy.

He has worked as Regional Clinical Manager for CRC Health Group, Executive Director of Institutional Sales for Pearson Learning Solutions and Senior Account Manager for Plato Learning. He has earned a master’s degree in education at University of Connecticut and a bachelor’s degree in psychology at Boston University.

He serves as advisory board member of and president of ATTACh, an international coalition of professionals and families dedicated to helping those who live and work with children who suffer from issues caused by early childhood trauma.

Ahern joined the Membership Team of AMA Phoenix as Manager of Member Recruitment April 10, 2019.