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5 Psych Principles that Can Power Your Social Media Strategy

16-10-17 Naomi Garnice 0 comment

Elise Gould, Director of Marketing

Melissa Forbes

Melissa Forbes, VP Public Relations

Last week, Elise Gould, North Central University’s Marketing Director and Melissa Forbes, LaneTerralever’s PR VP joined the Phoenix American Marketing Association to answer the question: what does psychology really have to do with social media? (Hint: the answer is everything.)

During this two-for-one presentation, the two content marketers, previous colleagues and always friends, teamed up to share the science behind reaching your audience on Social.

Ready for a quick lesson in Psych? Here are five principles they shared and how they can fuel engagement for your brand content across social mediums:

1. Reciprocity: You get what you give.

Call it karma, but reciprocity is that magic that happens when you do that something positive for someone else that makes them want to do something nice for you. And for brands online, this is all about sharing. Only 20% of what you post should be coming from your brand. 80% of what you post should be sharing what your target audience is passionate about from your potential customers and partners.

This is also a reminder to do something nice for potential brand advocates when you’re looking for something positive from them, whether that’s a review on Yelp or Google or a share back to their page.

2. Scarcity: Play a little hard to get.

Ever wanted something more because it was a challenge? (Probably.) That’s a pretty common feeling that most of us have experienced,  and it’s a feeling brands tap into all the time with exclusive offers,special memberships,  and VIP experiences.

What’s the psychology behind it? If something is more exclusive or seems like it could disappear soon, it has a higher perceived value.

Your social media becomes the engine to fuel this strategy, how can you highlight limited offers, contests, or events?

3. Authority: Show your smarts.

No one will turn down free advice from an expert. Positioning your brand as an authority is an important way to build trust, credibility and followers online.

Achieving this status is easier than it might sound. Position your company experts in the forefront, introduce them and share their content via social.

When you’re leveraging your brand talent, be sure to put the focus on their experience and credentials. This sends immediate signals to readers online that they should listen because the details you’re sharing are important, helpful and, of course, credible.

4. The Frequency Illusion: Be everywhere.

This concept deals with seeing something so often that it becomes part of your subconscious thought process.

A great example of this is the retargeting most brands are already harnessing online to keep their products or services in the forefront of the minds of their likely consumers. It helps your brand to give the illusion that your product (and the demand for it) is everywhere.

After watching a video from a brand on Instagram and then seeing their ads on Facebook and YouTube, you start to recognize new products and services without even realizing it.

5. The Why: Understand why your audience shares content.

One of the most helpful highlights from the presentation was the breakdown of what motivates us to share on social. According to research published by the New York Times, most of us share something on social because:

  • We think it will improve the lives of others.
  • It somehow defines the way we see ourselves or how we want to be seen.
  • It helps us to grow and nourish our relationships.
  • We are getting the word out about an important cause.

We also took a minute to watch this SNL video for a hilarious look at why people share on social media.

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