2018 AMA Phoenix Spectrum Award Winners - AMA Phoenix

2018 AMA Phoenix Spectrum Award Winners

The 2018 Phoenix AMA Spectrum Awards ceremony is history.  We had a great number of entries for the award categories.  We appreciate all the time, energy and resources needed to submit your entries. Picking winners was difficult because of all the fantastic work.

We also appreciate all of you that attended the event.  The venue was awesome and the emcee kept things interesting along the way.

We’ve listed the finalists in each category along with the winners. Category winners are highlighted in blue.



2018 Finalists and Winners by Category

Product – New or Existing

Plexus Worldwide – Plexus Slim
Defero – got2b_1A_got2standout
48 West Agency – Pelican Products “New Standard in Safety” Remote Area Lighting Launch Campaign
Natural Light Energy Systems – Menards-Marketing-Campaign
Plexus Worldwide – Plexus Xfactor Plus

Service – New or Existing

Sonoroa Quest Laboratories – My Lab ReQuest
Avella Specialty Pharmacy – Avella-AMA-Entry
The James Agency – TiltedKiltIntegratedMarketingCampaign


Yeager Marketing – ePlus-Intel-Alliance-Event
ASU W. P. Carey School of Business – thank-a-donor-day
LaneTerralever – DinosaursintheDesert
Creative + Culture – El Gran Sorteo De Lotería
Plexus Worldwide – Leaders Retreat
Colling Media – Four Peaks Oktoberfest
Colling Media – Bank of Hope Founders Cup Event


Yeager Marketing – Big-Idea
DigitalWire360 – DW360_Brand_Camp


Creative + Culture – El Gran Sorteo De Lotería


LaneTerralever – SVDPTaxCredit
ASU Enterprise Partners – Made_Possible_By_You_ad_campaign


DigitalWire360 – Vital_Logo 
The James Agency – HotelAdelineLogoDesign
Commit Agency – Sacred-Stave-Logo1
AKOS – TechTalent-Awards-Logo-Design
Commit Agency – Sacred-Stave-Logo
SmartWrap – Othniel
Commit Agency – MAGNOLIA-Logo
SmartWrap – Natural Choice Lanscape
Commit Agency – MAGNOLIA-Logo1

Product or Service

DigitalWire360 – Grubstak_Brand_Identity 
Plexus Worldwide – Plexus Xfactor Kids
Commit Agency – Sacred-Stave-brand


Plexus Worldwide – Plexus Packaging 
Commit Agency – Sacred-Stave-Packaging

Re-Brand of the Year (before and after)

Plexus Worldwide – Plexus Rebrand 
Commit Agency – Magnolia-Rebrand
48 West Agency – Arizona-Opera-Bold-Brave-Brilliant
AKOS – Eagle-Gryphon-Games-Rebrand

Newspaper, Magazine

Defero –  Schwarzkop_This-or-Gliss 
StrataTech Education Group  – Advertising_Newspaper, Magazine

Billboard or Transit

ASU W. P. Carey School of Business – mba-redefined 
Plexus Worldwide – Plexus Convention Billboard


ASU W. P. Carey School of Business – career-fair-takeover
SmartWrap – ACSR
StrataTech Education Group – BuildingsWrapOther
SmartWrap – Busted Burb
DigitalWire360 – Grubstak_Food_Trailer_Wrap_Design
Artisan Modern Colour + Print – Pangaea-Dinosaur-Wall-Wraps

Brochure/Sell Sheet

The James Agency – HotelAdelineBrochure
Commit Agency – Whitehorse-Brochure
Greater Phoenix Economic Council – The-Connected-Place-Collateral
ASU W. P. Carey School of Business – sports-business-brochure
AB&R – Solution-Process

Special Event Material

Scorpion Sweepers – Scorpion Sweepers 

Sales Kit / Press Kit

48 West Agency – BASELAYER Partner Program Sales Kit 
Defero – got2b_6C_Volumaniac-Influencer-Sales-Kit

Publication/Annual Report/Catalogue

Entrenue – 2018-Entrenue-Calendar1 
Plexus Worldwide – Plexus In Motion Magazine
ASU W. P. Carey School of Business – alumni-magazine


Creative + Culture – El Gran Sorteo De Lotería 
Plexus Worldwide – Plexus Daily Planner Giveaway

Online Marketing Campaign (Uses two or more forms of digital media)

Defero – Color-Outside-the-Box 
Western Windows Systems – Design Better 
Vertical Measures – Healthcare Client’s Digital Transformation
Sinova Solutions – Sorting-To-Selling-FB-Video-REM-Lead-Gen-Campaign
NorthCentral University – Lead-Generation-Campaign
ParaCore – Multichannel_Sequential_Retargeting
The James Agency – LostLakeOnlineMarketingCampaign
KEO Marketing – Increases-Leads-601-percent
OH Partners – #JonathonCallScott
Colling Media – Pangaea

Website – Corporate or E-Commerce, Microsite

48 West Agency – RUNSMART-WEBSITE1 
Burick Communication Design – Trane Products Microsite 
The James Agency – PinkAdventureToursWebsite
Yeager Marketing – AAJ-Website
10 to 1 Public Relations – Forrest Anderson
AKOS – AKOS-Website
Plexus Worldwide – Plexusworldwide.com
Commit Agency – Magnolia-website
Pinnacle Peak Marketing – Western Technologies Website
Commit Agency – Camelot-website
Colling Media – Pangaea Scott Appel
LaneTerralever – Shamrock_Foodservice

Website – Non-Profit

AKOS – Cardboard-Challenge-Website 
ASU W. P. Carey School of Business – brand-book

Mobile – Application

AKOS – Bites-Mobile-Application 


Akos – E-Lead1-Emails
Commit Agency – Skytop-email
The James Agency – MountainShadowsEmailCampaign
Vertical Measures –  Email Newsletter
Commit Agency – Phoenician-Email
BarS – BarS-Email-Program
Commit Agency – Forever-Email

Social Media – Single or Multiple Accounts/Campaigns

CollingMedia – StrataTech – LeadGeneration
The James Agency – Spinatos Pizzeria Canvas Ad
Defero – got2b – got2 Standout-Social-Media
Defero – got2b – got Standout-Social-Media
NBAZ Meet-Your-Banker
Colling Media – Driver Obsessed

Search Engine Optimization

Vertical Measures – Private Junior College
KEO Marketing – Increases-Leads-601-percent
Commit Agency – Skytop-SEO
Commit Agency – MAGN-SEO
Commit Agency – SEO-CMLT

Marketing Automation

48WestAgency – BASELAYER-Automated-Estimation 2
Scorpion Sweepers – Television

Loyalty Campaign

Kahala Brands – Naughty or Nice
AB&R – Worst Nightmare Contest

Public Relations Local

10 to 1 Public Relations – First Bank and AZ Gives a Day

Public Relations National

10 to 1 Public Relations – Envoy America Multi-Market
OH Partners – Jonathon Call Scott
OH-Partners – The Woz Box

Public Relations – Event or Sponsorship

DigitalWire360 – PFW Fashionably Pink Powered by Tal Barkel
The James Agency – Scottsdale Fashion Square Evening of Dreams

Public Relations Non-Profit

ASU Enterprise Partners – Weevil Genius

Sales Video or Educational Video

IRIS – IRIS Education Video
Vertical Measures – Sales Video or Educational Video
The James Agency – Mountain Shadows Architecture Video
StrataTech Education Group – Sales Video or Educational Video

Fundraising/Non-Profit Video

NKF AZ – Fundraising Non Profit Video

Event Staging/Decor/Theme

Artisan Colour  – Colangelo Museum @ GCU

Augmented or Virtual Reality

Greater Phoenix Economic Council – The Connected Experience
Activate Health – Opening virtual doors to better health

Online Video

Strata Tech Education Group – Online Video
Vertical Measures –  8 Company Values
Smart Wrap – Busted Burb
Plexus Worldwide – Rebrand Reveal Video
The James Agency – Tilted KiltLT O1 Video
Greater Phoenix Economic Council – The Connected Place Video
NBAZ – 24 Carrots Magic

White Papers

Vertical Measures –  The Future of SEO Trends in 2018 & Beyond
Commit Aency  – Commit White paper
Plexus Worldwide –  White Paper

Case Studies or Articles

Vertical Measures – How To Grow B2B Leads by 385%


48 West Agency – Every Email Address Tells A Story Emailage Infograph
Vertical Measures  – Infographics The Goldfish Conundrum

Content Marketing Campaign (Uses two or more forms of digital media)

Yeager Marketing – Riverbed Channel Newsletter Microsite
Vertical Measures – Content Marketing Campaign Local Adventure Company Booms
Para Core – Ultimate CallRail Guide


Western Window Systems – Western Window Systems New Building

Marketer of the Year

Vertical Measures – Marketer of the Year Arnie Kuenn
The James Agency – Marketer of theYear
Natural Light Energy Systems – Menards Marketing Campaign 5MB

Best of Integrated Marketing Campaign Category

48 West Agency – Pelican New Standard In Safety Integrated Marketing Campaign
Sonora Quest Laboratories – My Lab ReQuest
TheJamesAgency – Tilted Kilt Integrated Marketing Campaign – The James Agency
KEO Marketing – Increases Leads 601 percent
Natural Light Energy Systems – Menards Marketing Campaign
OH Partners – Jonathon Call Scott

Best of Collateral Category

Artisan Modern Colour + Print – Modern Acupuncture Print Collateral

Best of Interactive / Online Category

48 West Agency  – BASELAYER Automated Estimation
AKOS – Tech Talent Awards Interactive Design
OH Partners – Jonathon Call Scott
Pinnacle Peak Marketing – Acer Campaign

Best of Public Relations Category

10 to 1 Public Relations – First Bank
OH Partners – Jonathon Call Scott

Best of Content Category

Vertical Measures –  Best Content Web Site of the Year
48 West Agency – Every Email Address Tells A Story Infograph