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Meet Ben Holland, President of AMA Phoenix

07-08-17 Naomi Garnice 0 comment

Ben Holland, Odysea AquariumEach month we introduce one of the volunteers of American Marketing Association, Phoenix Chapter. This month meet Ben Holland, President of AMA Phoenix.

1.What inspired you to become a marketer?

It came out of need to grow my business I had to find new clients. To do this I started with what I was most familiar with digital media. After a few years of trial and error, things started running smoothly and allowed me to mimic this for other companies.

2.Tell us about your career.

After graduating from ASU I started my company Scorpion Sweepers. While growing this I have worked at different agencies during the day and focused on my business at night. Some of the places where I grew the most were Vertical Measures, Zion & Zion and now OdySea Aquarium. I started as a link builder at Vertical Measures for a few months and over the course of the past six years I’ve built my career in Digital. Now I manage a team and all of the Digital Marketing at OdySea Aquarium.

3. Who was your marketing mentor?

I have been very fortunate to have many great influences throughout my career. First and foremost, Arnie Kuenn the CEO at Vertical Measures and the rest of the team there. Learning under the tutelage of experts like Mike Huber, Patty Hughes, Michael Schwartz and Kaila Strong, I was able to learn and grow exponentially.
Peter Gerdes and Aric Zion from Zion & Zion taught me everything I know about brand marketing, traditional advertising, and Christmas parties. Joining the team at OdySea Aquarium has allowed me to work along some of the most intelligent, accomplished and driven mentors anyone could ask for.

4. Why did you join the AMA? What other board positions have you filled in the past?

I joined the AMA board to learn more about marketing and meet great people. I have also sat on the AZIMA and AdClub boards here in Phoenix.

5. Favorite Mad Men quote?

“Chase you? I don’t even chase my liquor.” – Don Draper

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