Rocco Cardinale - AMA Phoenix

Rocco Cardinale

Collegiate Relations VP

Board Member

Rocco didn’t choose Marketing; Marketing chose him. It all started when he was 18 months old. He liberated a bag of Mother’s Chocolate Chip Cookies from the pantry and made a run for it―he even has the picture. His mom tells people he hasn’t stopped running since, and she might be right.

Today, Rocco is a general business leader with experience in every role in and around Marketing. He brings a balance of intuition and strategic thinking. He has a reputation as the go-to guy who takes on the hardest projects because everyone knows he’ll get them done. Rocco brings a strong, entrepreneurial work ethic that brings out the best in people, holding them accountable to the same “make-it-happen” mentality.

Whether he’s creating a coffee concept on the coast, launching a dairy plant in the desert, or rolling out a challenger brand that has turned heads in the dairy case, Rocco sees opportunities where others might not, and he’s not discouraged by a lack of resources. To Rocco, a lack of resources isn’t a barrier, it’s a reason to get more focused, to be more strategic and to sprinkle a heavy dose of finely tuned intuition and experience over the top of it all. He has a knack for connecting with others and motivating his team to produce great work, hit the sales numbers and push for new ideas, all of which fuels his own personal pride.