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Eric Keosky-Smith

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love the intersection of Strategy and Creativity. And where the best idea wins. I’m also a practitioner and ambassador for Conscious Capitalism – a powerful framework to build world-class companies where strong profits are a by-product of the great purpose-driven work you do, and capitalism is a force for good!

As a creative, strategic thinker I’m able to connect the dots better than most. Networking with purpose and connecting people with innovative colleagues and solutions to their problems is a true motivator. I’ll drive messaging and revenue with an eye on scale. More than anything, I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals.

I’ve been fortunate to have a broad set of work and life experiences, with deep dives into sales, digital marketing, product management, business development, e-commerce, distribution and corporate culture …. working with Fortune 100 firms, startups (including a few of my own) and everything in between. Raising a family in places as diverse as Europe, Silicon Valley and the beautiful Arizona desert has also had a profound impact and provided me unique perspectives that help every single day. It’s these experiences that trained me to connect the dots, question and innovate, relentlessly.

If you believe in the significant upside that can come from strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships, please take the time to connect and help create some opportunities.

And to quote one of my most favorite people, Sir Richard Branson: “Those passionate enough to change the world are the ones that do.”