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3 Things to Know Before Next Week’s Content Marketing Boot Camp

20-07-17 Naomi Garnice 0 comment

Meet David Haar, Director of Business Development at Vertical Measures

David Haar, the Senior Director of Business Development at Phoenix Ad Agency, Vertical Measures

Today we sat down with David Haar to learn about what makes great content great and for a preview of next week’s Content Marketing Boot Camp. David is the Senior Director of Business Development at Vertical Measures. For the last decade, he has worked with creative agencies and clients after making his start in Media and Radio at the Phoenix New Times and CBS Radio.

When I started out my career, I was in the traditional advertising space, (in print and radio). What makes me the most excited about Content Marketing these days is that traditional media primarily focuses on “interrupting” users as they engage with the medium. When it comes to Content Marketing, your audience can find you easier because people are actively doing research – your brand can get its message out without interrupting users.

There are so many ways that marketers have tried to get a message out to a huge audience and it’s been incredible watching how the audience has evolved in the last 20 years or so. People want to do the research on their own. Car shopping is the best example, no one walks in to buy a car without doing their research first. Usually, they come in knowing exactly what they want.

As consumers, we do that all the time whether we’re researching vacations or buying homes. It’s exciting to see what really good marketers do to be helpful, to not interrupt, to make people say that was so helpful I’m going to reward you with my business!

There’s been a massive shift in how people want to buy. They want to be able to research it and make that decision, it’s exciting to see how our marketers and others are doing it the right way.

1. Can you explain why content ideation is so important and how you’ll be covering it?

One of the most important parts of your content strategy is to not forget to put time and energy into ideation. The idea of doing really quality ideation should be “what do we know about our buyers and personas and what are they looking for online?” Thinking about what people are searching for and how to create the content that will be found and result in more conversions.

2. Can you tell us more about the agile methodologies you’ll be covering?

It was very common as Content Marketing was becoming more and more popular for people to say OK let’s create our strategy, what is that and planning a year or two out in 30 days.

We found that this initial 30-day timeframe was the worst time to do so because you don’t have your rhythm yet. We started creating strategies as a living breathing document for three month “sprints” at a time – we may amend, or pivot or even go in another direction based on our engagement rates.

3. What’s the #1 reason marketers should attend the event?

Whether you aren’t seeing the ROI from your Content Marketing initiatives or you’re trying to get your C-suite levels on board with the value behind them, this presentation will cover the most commons obstacles that can be holding you back from success.

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